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Our mulch is an all bark product.


It comes in natural, black, cherry brown and chocolate brown.


Pick it up at our mill or have it delivered.

Delivery is available within 20 miles.

We can deliver a minimum of 5 yards up to as much as 80 yards.

Our current fleet of trucks are a 1 ton dump, tandem and walking floor.

We can supply stakes and the mulch for silt sock (erosion control) manufacturing.

Call 724-564-1820 for pricing!!

Mulch Playground

Colored Mulch Production and Curing Notice

Our colored mulch is produced through a process of the bark from the tree being submerged and mixed with a natural dye solution of water and pigment. It is then piled together where the mulch stays wet and the color continues to absorb into the bark.

Curing happens when the mulch is spread at application and a drying period of 24 hours is needed for the color to adhere to the bark. The curing process is crucial for the bark to maintain its rich color. If rain or irrigation occurs during the curing process, the color may fade.

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Frey Lumber & Pallet is not responsible for the application and outcome beyond our control.