Harvesting Operations

We are a major and competitive buyer of standing timber, land and logs. We employ a dedicated forester who practices sound timber management, environmental awareness, and who follows all guidelines set forth by state and federal agencies. We are fully insured and, when we purchase your timber, signed contracts are a must.


Our dedicated woods crew has been with the company more than 30 years. Our loggers are SFI certified by the State of Pennsylvania, and our mechanized cutting operations are performed by experienced, professional lumbermen and equipment operators who use the most modern timber harvesting equipment on the market today.

New to Frey’s list of equipment is the 2012 KMC Track Skidder. It’s good for muddy and wet areas. The suspension allows it to stay on top of the ground and not make deep ruts in the worst conditions and weather.

Our lumber graders are graduates of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and strictly adhere to the rules and regulations governing the lumber industry. Our prices are reviewed and adjusted regularly according to the Hardwood Market Report.

We also do land clearing for gas well and new construction sites.