Our Products

Our specialty sawmill allows us to utilize the entire tree, to manufacture a wide variety of products including, but not limited to:

Rough-cut all-hardwood lumber, green-board treated or untreated

Special order lumber cut any size up to 24″x24″x19′

Blocking and dunnage for steel mills and coal mines, green-board treated, heat-treated or untreated

All-hardwood pallets and crates, standard, custom and green-board treated, heat-treated or untreated (view photos)

Hardwood wedges

Trailer decking and fencing boards

Surveyor stakes for construction

Tree stakes and stock stock for landscaping

Mulch Click for more info

Sawdust Click for more info

Firewood: Tri-axle loads of logs delivered, and slab wood available for pick-up

Tractor trailer loads of playground chips (wood chips)

20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers for storage (view photos)